Savage Events

Superstudio's ideal cities were 12 in the English version, 13 in the Italian version, but rumors of an unpublished 14th city have been circulating for a while. The Last City does exist and will not be a secret for much longer.

Black Square is extremely proud to have the chance to publish, for the first time, this mythical 1978 text within Savage Architecture. Savage Architecture - exhibition and book - is about to be launched with three events this week in London. Authors Gian Piero Frassinelli (former Superstudio), Matteo Costanzo & Gianfranco Bombaci (2A+P/A) and editor Davide Sacconi will be here to explain and discuss the work.

Celebrations will start the Architectural Association on Thursday, 6 pm, with the opening of the exhibition and book launch. 

The  actual discussion will take place at the Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square, on Friday at 6 pm, with a roundtable debate between Sam Jacob (Sam Jacob Studio), Markus Lahteenmaki (Drawing Matter), Jacopo Benci (British School Rome) and authors 2A+P/A and Gian Piero Frassinelli - chairman Davide Sacconi. 

Finally, on Friday, from 10 pm on, we look forward to seeing you at Nomad, 58 Old Street, for a Savage Party with music by Signorina Van de Rohe. During the party, Signorina and AYR (the collective formerly known as Airbnb Pavilion - Alessandro Bava, Fabrizio Ballabio, Octave Pero & Luis Ortega Govela) will play a preview of a Savage Video - we won't spoil the surprise saying who stars in it... but we can promise it's going to be fun.

Signorina van der Rohe: pink is the new black.

Signorina van der Rohe: pink is the new black.